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Miriam's hands on love of travel, adventure, food, history and the countryside is drawn from, and layered with influences from her archaeology background, her formative years growing up in a farming community in Ireland, a keen interest in folklore and social history, and from the other side of the coin; her former life as an fashion model whizzing from fashion capital to far flung location.

She likes a good ferret around into the past, and a good shoe.
Leaving her home in Ireland for New York at eighteen, Miriam spent her late teens and early twenties ensconced in the world of fashion, modelling for the likes of Armani, Vogue and Marie Claire.  

Swapping Gucci for Gortex and turning to Academia, she was awarded a first in her BSc in Archaeology and a distinction in her MSc in Environmental Archaeology from the prestigious Institute of Archaeology, University College London. After this she moved to Durham University under a PhD scholarship. Miriam was awarded the Grimes prize for academic excellence in Environmental Research for the work she undertook on the Origins of Agriculture in South Asia and has worked on sites of different periods in Britain and abroad.  An Environmental Archaeologist she specialised in archaeobotany and zooarchaeology, and the study of past humans and their interaction with their environment.
Miriam fell in to broadcasting through her archaeological work.

As a presenter for BBC One’s Country Tracks, she travels around Britain; meeting people, discovering local stories and landmarks; and sharing the joys of the great British countryside.
In the critically acclaimed ‘Egypt Detectives’ which she presented for Five, Discovery and National Geographic Miriam travels throughout Egypt, from the Valley of the Kings to the pyramids at Giza solving compelling mysteries using a combination of cutting edge archaeological expertise and common sense.

In ‘Wild About Britain’ for Channel 4 she explores the challenges of sourcing and cooking wild food around the British Isles.
She was a history expert for Most Haunted Live, commenting on the historical and archaeological background of chosen locations.